to increase your students’ exposure to medicine and maximize their chance of getting into medical school

College Partnerships

When MSA partners with universities, students receive comprehensive workshops on what it takes to get into medical school, focusing on the 5 MSA pillars (strong GPA, strong MCAT score, extracurricular activities, research and networking), access to the MSA online course and/or individualized plans from physician advisors on how to become a stronger medical school applicant.

What we Offer

One on One Physician Advising
Physician Panels

Presentations (i.e. MCAT strategies, maximizing the GPA, finding research opportunities)

Small Group Work (i.e. interview practice, writing a personal statement)

MSA Online Course

Exposure to Medicine

An event full of passionate medical professionals excited to share their expertise, knowledge and experience to help students explore their own interest in the field of medicine while gaining exposure to the medicine field.

What we Offer

Physician Speakers (i.e. strategies for selecting a college, how to succeed in college)

Physician Panels

Demonstrations (i.e. simulations, video presentations, hands-on activity)