Make sure you are on the RIGHT path

for getting into medical school!

Every student should know their strengths and weaknesses before submitting a medical school application.

Our MSA physician advisor will give you an in-depth assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, you will receive a personalized strategic plan for converting your weaknesses into strengths and recommendations to make you a stronger applicant.

This assessment could be the difference in whether or not you reach your goal of getting into medical school. Almost every student has some adjustments they can make to be a stronger applicant. Don’t guess about how you measure up to other applicants.


Designed for the student who is farther along in their premedical
journey, but needs to make sure they are a strong applicant and get
needed advice for maximizing success.

• 1-hour comprehensive assessment of strengths and
• Personalized plan provided by a physician advisor
• 1-week access to the MSA online course